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Wellness Warrior Positivity Candle

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Mantra My body knows what to do in order to be healthy and to heal. Every single one of my cells are filled with wellness, health and vitality. I am the picture of positive, energy and wellbeing.

About the Crystals

Tiger's Eye- Helps to set specific goals for your health and fitness. It promotes an energetic flow throughout the body that spurns on your confidence strength and willpower.

Amethyst - Bring an Amethyst into your space to emit a cleansing vibration that soothes worry from the mind and spirit.

Clear Quartz-Makes it crystal clear that health is your focus! By cleansing the mind of self-doubt, clear quartz  will make sure you stay charged-up in your fitness or dietary intentions.

Handmade to order, please allow 7-10 days from order to dispatch.

This huge round dish holds over 350g of vegan wax and have a burn time of 80+ hours.

We also provide a small pouch - Use tweezers or similar to remove the crystals, wipe them down and keep them safe.


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Customer Reviews

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Jacqui Piper
I love it!

This candle is just beautiful - great quality, smells gorgeous, doesn’t smoke and it is lasting for what seems like forever, despite me having it lit most days. The order process was easy and delivery was quick. Thank you.